Kate Goff is a Melbourne based graphic designer and photomedia artist who was born in Fremantle. She has recently completed a Masters in Digital and Two Dimensional Design at Edith Cowan University.

​Kate combines her love for 60s and 70s print media and graphic design with photography, creating striking images, which favour bold lines and contrasting colours. Her love for authenticity and the hand-made aesthetic using a digital medium make has made for a unique signature style – an anachronistic and surprising series of images experimenting with photomontage, language and colour.

Kate began making collages by hand and then started exploring a digitalisation of this handmade craft. The result is a striking blend between personal and cultural nostalgia—a visual landscape where De Stjihl mingles with folk art. Pop art, Bauhaus, modernism meets craft art and cultural and personal nostalgia in Kate’s ‘Red Inner Child’ (2009) and ‘Flower Called Nowhere’ (2005).

Artist Bio by Ruth McIver